Come enjoy a workshop at Spring Creek Lavender, where creativity blooms!

Join us for our delightful workshops, including wreath making, painting classes, and other lavender creations.

Discover the joy of creating beautiful pieces while surrounded by the serene beauty of our farm. Immerse yourself in a tranquil atmosphere and let your imagination flourish with our expert guidance.

Wreath Making

Learn the art of crafting stunning wreaths using fresh, handpicked lavender and other seasonal botanicals under the guidance of our skilled instructor, Kara Keeley. Classes fill up fast, don't wait to sign up!

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Wine Glass Painting

Join us for a class where we'll turn ordinary wine glasses into beautiful pieces of art. Unleash your creativity and elevate glassware into personalized masterpieces. Let's toast to painting and expression! Sign up now!

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Flower Crown

Dive into a world of floral enchantment at our flower crown workshop. Learn to craft beautiful crowns using fresh blooms and foliage. Whether for weddings, festivals, or simply to embrace your inner flower child, join us for a blooming good time! Sign up now!

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Mommy & Me Painting

Immerse yourself in our mommy and me painting class, where creativity blossoms alongside cherished connections. Led by experienced instructors, parents and little ones will explore the colorful world of art together, brushing strokes of joy and bonding with each canvas. Join us for a memorable painting experience. Sign up!

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Pick and Paint

Discover the perfect blend of art and nature at our Lavender Paint & Pick Event! Experience the joy of painting amidst the calming hues of lavender fields, then wander through the fragrant blooms to handpick your own bouquet. Unleash your creativity and immerse yourself in the beauty of the landscape for a day of inspiration and relaxation. sign up!

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